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Thread: Type of display u use for PS

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    Default Type of display u use for PS

    Wonder which is better for PS?

    1. LCD
    2. CRT

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    Actually it doesn't matter. I am using an 17" LCD after saving for one year plus. Otherwise CRT is fine.

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    CRT's are the only choice for critical colour work and post shoot production. The reasons are that LCD monitors don't offer the contrast range nor can they be calibrated as accurately.
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    I disagree, Ian, I used to think that way until I decided to spring for an LCD after my Sony trinitron CRT died. I did so only after my friend, who runs a pro-photo lab, said they've switched to LCDs too.

    My Samsung 173T LCD has a contrast ratio of 700:1 and once calibrated, is actually as good as my late Sony when it comes to colour reproduction. Another thing is that a good LCD is able to show you the digital noise much better than any CRT can.

    So far, my photo prints have been as faithful as my Photoshop work, so LCDs have actually come into their own.


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