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Thread: Phottix Wired Remote N8/N1

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    Default Phottix Wired Remote N8/N1

    Looking for remote cord for D700. Nikon has MC-30 and found 3rd party brand Phottix (compatible with D200/D300/D300s/D700/D2Xs/D3/D3x/D3s). Price difference between MC-30 and Phottix is 5 times.

    Anyone has used Phottix Wired Remote N8/N1 on D700 before, any comment or issue found? Thanks
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    Default Re: Phottix Wired Remote N8/N1

    i havent tried the phottix on a D700 but i use it on my D200 and it works very well. pretty reasonable price and i guess phottix is considered 'branded' so it's quite reliable


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