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Thread: For Good Cause: Old Camera Donation Drive

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    Talking For Good Cause: Gift of Photography

    Hi all,

    Christmas and bonus time is coming! And many of us are buying new gifts for friends and family, while leaving the old stuff aside. Do you have outdated photography/camera equipment lying alone in your drawer that isn't bringing joy to anyone? We would like to collect them for a group of children who haven't touched photography before.

    I represent a group of students from SMU who are heading to Siem Reap, Cambodia this (5th to 18th) December 2010 for an Overseas Community Services Project. We are working with Savong's School, a non-profit school that provides free education to nearly 500 underprivileged children aged 6 to 18.

    Besides assisting with academics, we are hoping to enhance the school with extra-curricular activities like photography. Like many people here, I enjoy photography myself, and hope to give the children a chance to experience that. I realize that on my many trips to these places, the children are very fascinated by cameras and anything digital. And nowadays, cameras are very cheap and disposable for most people here, but that's not the case for the people in Cambodia.

    We are collecting donations of old photography equipment from friends and people around.

    • Old compact/polaroid/dslr camera (powers up, captures to card)
    • Photo printer
    • Batteries/chargers
    • Memory cards (32MB onwards!)

    Doesn't matter if the equipment is old, low MP, or using CF cards, so long as it can capture photos onto a card, it's enough for the kids. Nothing too ambitious, we are hoping to collect around 5 to 10 cameras.

    I will be teaching them photography classes and also how they might make a living/pocket money with photography (taking passport photos or even postcards to sell on the internet).

    If you have stuff that you would like to donate, please drop me a personal email at (please remove the dashes). If you around the CBD or SMU area, we will be quite happy to come collect any donations you have from you.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks for the responses!

    Hope more people can see this!

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    Default Re: For Good Cause: Gift of Photography

    Managed to get an offer for a printer donation from a very kind guy!

    But we do need some compact cameras! Doesn't matter if they are old or low megapixels, so long as they can take a photo

    Hope more people can see this!

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    Woah, 14 days till we leave for Cambodia, we are still looking for old compact cameras!

    Got an offer for a camera donation today! Thanks so much!

    Hope more people can see this!

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    Sad day for the people in Cambodia, needless deaths due to a stampede, most of whom were women.

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    One week left to go!

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    4 more days to go!


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