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Thread: Digi-Cabi DHC series issues???

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    Default Digi-Cabi DHC series issues???

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased (3 days ago) Digi-Cabi DHC 80L model. I have set the RH @ 48 and I noticed it is always +2/-2 difference which is acceptable. But, as soon as I opened the door and closed RH goes up very fast up to 62-64.

    Is this a normal scenario on Digi-cabi? How long will it takes to settle down?

    I really don't understand the green LED and blue LCD light operations

    Like to know you guys experience on this …

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    Default Re: Digi-Cabi DHC series issues???

    the figure goes up fast which is normal, especially when u say u open and close the door fast. Humidity is in the air, when u open the cabinet, air rushes in, singapore's humidity level easily goes up to 80-90%. So humid air is mized with your dryer air when u open the cabinet. It is actually good that your sensor is able to detect the change so fast. Figure will go down slowly after you close the door. should be stabilized in 2hrs or half a day depending on humidity level


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