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    Hi Guys

    I am thinking of getting the D3100 as i am still a noob and wants to get a entry lvl dslr.
    I had went through the forum, there isn't anything mention the price. anyone knows? nikon site states $999.

    Also i saw the shops in HK, any recommendation? as i will be in HK tomorrow and am thinking of getting my 1st dslr.

    Please advice.


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    HK buy stuff thread:

    Eh body usually no international warranty hor. So I guess you can ask for shui huo / water goods.

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    Canon and Nikon does not provide international warranty for their DSLR camera bodies so you might as well buy parallel imported (gray) sets to save some money if you are not planning to send the camera back to the Hong Kong service centre for warranty claims.

    For your info
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    go to the Price Guide Sub Forum for better price . . .
    Shot more cos digital is FREE !!!


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