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Thread: Channel 8 Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by tacinorev View Post
    Hello photogs!
    Those of you who made it to the Walk of Fame, thanks so much! It was really hot and some of you had 'encounters' with the very zealous fans, we apologise! We're actually giving feedback to production, and hoping to fight for better spots and exclusivity for our photogs next year. Thanks much for your patience! Have seen many photos on our Facebook and twitter, THANK YOU!
    You're welcome!

    Hope to receive some backstage passes and maybe view Ch 8 artistes' exclusive photoshoot.. ok?

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    tacinorev, I've emailed the Walk of Fame photos to your gmail account with a download link, not sure if you got it because haven't got a reply yet.

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    Thanks to you Veronica have had a blast at the Walk. Hope to return next year.
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    No other events that we can shoot now??? So sad.......

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    Got lah we having a roadshow soon for C.L.I.F. 警徽天职.. more info about the show at or #clif on twitter. When the details are firmed up we will definitely post it here!

    Actually, we're holding a screening for the first episode of the programme on 20th May leh. for those of you who have an active blog or super alot twitter followers, you can consider registering! We'll be showing the first episode to some fans and bloggers, and bloggers are committed to produce 1 blog post for us after. (go to and look for I wanna blog for Ch 8 for details on how to join. It closed on 8 May but you can still write in). Not directly photography-related, but if you guys interested u're more than welcome! If you know of friends/relatives who may be suitable, please help to tell them!


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    Hey CS-ers!

    Our roadshow for C.L.I.F. 警徽天职 is tomorrow!

    Details are available here !

    Date : 28/05/10 (Sat)
    Time : 2.30pm
    Venue : Square 2 at Novena
    Artistes : Tay Ping Hui, Joanne Peh, Rayson Tan, Jade Seah, Romeo Tan, May Phua, Priscelia Chan, Adam Chen, Pat Mok (host)

    We will be giving away goodie bags as well, so check out the link for more details! We are more than happy to see you there.

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