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Thread: which motherboard should I choose?

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    Default Re: which motherboard should I choose?

    Asus, or nothing.
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    Default Re: which motherboard should I choose?

    Quote Originally Posted by CS TAN View Post
    I would like to ask a question regarding PC upgrade since my 4-yr old desktop is about to die. Am looking for a new setup to do the normal WP/spreadsheet, Internet surfing plus photo editing and video editing (no gaming/overclocking - too old and also no time for that).

    How would AMD Athlon II x4 640 compare to Intel i3 540 (not even sure if they are in the same class)? I would think pound for pound on processor power, AMD would be less expensive than Intel. So, my real question is since it is obvious AMD has the better price/performance, why are people still choose Intel over AMD most of the time? Obviously I was one of them since I have never use AMD processors before. Just want to get an opinion from you guys.
    between the 2, the x4 is definitely the better one. cheaper and faster with 4cores.

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    Default Re: which motherboard should I choose?

    I'm using Asus for gaming and msi for general usage. I'd say both brands are good. If you are upgarding to i7, have you thought of whether you are going to get the LGA1156 or LGA1366 because both also have i7 with the latter being more pricey.
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