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Thread: Any Livebooks user?

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    Default Any Livebooks user?

    Anyone from Singapore subscribing to Livebooks for website design? Care to share your website over here, and maybe some feedbacks as well?

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    I dont like the idea of paying more for a blog hosting. migration seems hard as your email will be stored on their server unless you want to use a different domain name as your email.

    as flash is slowly losing market share with mobile phone surfing using iphone or win 7, u dont get much interactivity surfing on your site using the phones.

    i love their cms, good service from their support.

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    Took me a while until I 'bought into' it. And then signed up.

    Spend a bit more time on the design; and a few rounds of 'bug fixing'. Also had to learn to live with some design constraints of their engine.

    But now it works. Love it; and would never have build something like it by myself.

    p.s. was in Singapore when I started it; now living in Paris ;-)


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