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    I just started using a digital camera which uses a SD card. I help my sis took some photos for her work. Now I need to print the photos quickly as i'm leaving for thailand this Wed and she needs the photo before i leave! I'll need your advise on this...

    1. Do i need to burn them in a CD and send it to for printing? Do they read SD card? I always go to mr quck at Konota but anybody has other recommendation?

    2. Do i need to make any neccessary adjustment in PS before i sent for printing? (e.g auto level, resize, save in what format and dpi?)

    3. If the photos are taken at 1600 X 1200, what is a good size to print? Do i save the file at this size or do i need to resize? If i want to print with a white border, do i have to create one or tell the shop will do?

    4. Which CDRW should i get? I'm going to SLS later.

    Me really lost and time is running out! Please advise! Hope you can guys can reply soon. You can email me at I'll be leaving for SLS around 5.30pm


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    Thinking of getting the TEAC CD-W540E (40x12x48x) IDE w/Burnproof. What do you guys think?


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