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Thread: Sunspots on 17/6 14:00

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    Default Sunspots on 17/6 14:00

    Er, not sure if this is the correct gallery to post in , but anyway here is a pic of some sunspots to share with you guys, captured about an hour ago :

    (*** Do not attempt this on your own without the proper approved solar filters mounted in the proper manner. An improper setup when capturing such an image may result in perm. loss of eyesight in a matter of seconds !!!)
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    Richard told me about you... mistook you with the other harlequin initially.

    Nice pic...

    I think the correct gallery is Nature.. We have birdflu and Buttfever .... try spreading a little Astrofever

    Show us the stars
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    Hi CYRN,

    Pleased to 'meet' you

    So how can this whole thread be moved rightfully into the Nature gallery ? ... It does seem a little silly to put a picture of the sun in the abstracts & still life gallery what was I thinking at that time ...

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    It's OK lah... next time post there loh.

    Waiting for you to post some more astro pics.
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