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Thread: Focusing problem with Powershot A80?Help needed?

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    Exclamation Focusing problem with Powershot A80?Help needed?

    I have some focus problem with my A80 in low light condition. When I try to focus on the subject on low light condition eg indoor, my photo usually can't get focus on?I tried to turn off the AIAF function in the A80, but the result still the same..out of 10 photos normally ther's 4 to 6 of them out of focus?Is there any idea or tips on taking better focused photos on A80?Manual focus will do,but need some time to adjust the focus.


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    The focusing system of the A80 works by detecting contrast i.e. if you attempt to focus on a plain white wall, it'll have trouble focusing.

    The key is to look for contrasting areas for the camera to lock on.


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