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Thread: Travel ideas for Malaysia

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have one week off and decided to travel to Malaysia. I've not been around long enough to know all abt the places i may visit so thought of asking the more experienced ones here on ClubSnap.

    I'm thinking of doing Ipoh, Penang, Cameron and Langkawi.... and i need some assistance in finding the nice places near by these places that are accessible.

    I'm a nature enthusiast and Rivers, Mountains, Waterfalls, Beaches attract me more than any man made stuff.

    I've spent many hours in last few days reading blogs, searching Google and Flickr and this itinerary was the best i could come up with. Help me improve if you have ideas.


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    for rainforest, have u considered Taman Negara or even endau rompin

    For beach
    Langkawai, Datai Beach. There is also Palau Payar Marine Park if u are fond of snorkering
    Pangkor Ialand

    Cameron highland got quite a number of trails for hiking & the tea plantation is breath-taking

    Sorry but I found nothing natural at Ipoh or Penang. For latter, surely a food paradise hehehehee

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    Gua Tempurong near Ipoh from what I can remember
    There are also waterfalls - Lata Kinjang at Chenderiang
    The Kampar-Gopeng area is great if you're a Malayan Emergency buff
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    U may want to check out the million-year-old limestone hills around Tambun, about 15 mins outside Ipoh town. Head towards Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, have lunch there or stay the night. The spa retreat is surrounded by limestones.

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    Default Re: Travel ideas for Malaysia

    I don't know if any of the places that you mentioned is anywhere near it but I would definitely recommend Kota Kinabalu if a little expensive.
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