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Thread: Help with ND Filters

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    Default Help with ND Filters

    I was wondering what B+W meant in netural density fitlers. I understand the strengths and such, but I seem to be finding that B+W does not mean for black and white film. So I guess my question is, can I use a B+W ND filter with color pictures?

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    B+W's a brand

    nutral density(ND) filters are to achive longer shutter speeds at the same apature or... shallower depth of Feild(bigger apt) with the same shutter spd... essentially it reduces the amount of light reaching the film/sensor

    netural also means that it wont affect your color.. unlike polorizers, which cuts some light, but does affect colours..

    pratical applications are like shooting a waterfall and you want to get that sliky flowy effect... u attach an ND filter to the lens, tricking the camera into thinking there is less light, thus exposing the flim for longer.. giving u the flowy effect.


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