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Thread: Where to buy Crumpler bags?

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    Default Where to buy Crumpler bags?


    Could anyone tell me where's the best place (in terms of price) to buy Crumpler bags in Singapore? Cathay Photo or the official shop in Wheelock Place?

    I'm looking for a backpack style (not shoulder/sling) bag for my Canon 300D. I'm considering the following: Formal Lounge, Farmer's Double, Puppet and Shrinkle. Would anyone have any opinions/recommendations as to which would be best? I don't really want to carry too big a bag around, but I also want to allow for later expansion. Your views would be much appreciated.

    Any ideas what these bags would cost at the moment? I'm making a trip down to Singapore (from KL) in the next couple of weeks.


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    Cathay Photo much cheaper than official shop in Wheelock Place. Quoted $300+ for Brian's Hot Tub but got for $250 at CP.

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    Sorry to hijack the thread, CP only carry crumpler's camera bags issit...
    Do they carry laptop bags as well...??


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    laptop bag can try funan also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hong Jia
    Sorry to hijack the thread, CP only carry crumpler's camera bags issit...
    Do they carry laptop bags as well...??
    No worries... I'm interested to know as well... Might end up buying both a camera AND laptop bag!

    Phildate - thanks for the tip! How big is that Brian's Hot Tub? Is it really as big as it sounds?!?

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    laptop cum camera bag like formal lounge available from cp as well

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    I agree, CP has a better pricing advantage . However, if you don't mind second hand ones, you can check out the marketplace in the forum and ask around. Who knows, you can get one in good condition and at a fraction of the market price

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    Hey Jikon.

    The Brian's Hot Tub is a pretty big bag but I wanted to get something that I would accomodate future purchases. The padding is good but haven't worn it fully loaded for a long trek. The camera compartments are adjustable and the whole inside shell can be removed if need be.

    So far so good in my opinion

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    That mean CP don't carry models like ROLL-O-NOTES and WACK-O-PHONE issit...? Pretty interested to get one... but the price in wheellock pretty ex..
    169 and 189 respectively i guess...

    Hong Jia


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