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Thread: External HDD with USB 3.0?

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    Default External HDD with USB 3.0?

    Hi folks, I'm getting a new laptop and it's equipped with a USB 3.0 port. My older 250GB HDD just happened to be nearly filled up so I'm thinking of getting another external HDD around 1-2TB that supports USB 3.0, since some people I know said USB 3.0 is faster than firewire and comparable to eSATA. Anyone here happens to own one of those? I'm going down to Funan this weekend to compare prices but I just thought it would be useful if someone here can say how much they got theirs for
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    Default Re: External HDD with USB 3.0?

    Best to check the hardware price guides on hardwarezone.

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    Default Re: External HDD with USB 3.0?

    Seagate new Freeagent Go-flex desk can change the connecting cables. bundle package is with normal USB2 cable but you can but an upgrade to USB3 or FW800 or eSATA.

    Pricing below as a guide

    GoFlex™ Desk External Drive 1TB - SGD$ 179
    GoFlex™ Desk External Drive 2TB - SGD$ 269

    FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Desk Desktop Adapter - USB 3.0 - SGD$ 59


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