Hi guys,

Just observation about the SEO (search engine optimization) services.

Generally, as a business which depend on web as major traffic, you want to rank one of the top by doing necessary steps to achieve that.

However, funny observation is one you rank one of the top, you get email asking if you need the service to optimize your web? It's like asking who is just drown if one want to swim in open water again?

The point I am getting at here is the service and research one would do before targeting their market.

Number one reason many don't get the right clients is many don't have a clue where to find it... The scariest part is they don't even know who are their target client.

For example, one is offering wedding/ portrait photography.... Do u know exactly where your prospective clients are? Or do you know who they are?

It still amaze me when people who complaint about not getting any work while don't know who they want to serve?

I was once had a conversation with someone who is just open up a small eatery and I ask the boss... So where do u get people to know you?

The answer was: oh, I open a shop put a bright sign board and I should be ok and people will just walk in, eat my food and I am ok.

Unfortunately business especially in photography is a lot more complicated than that... So after about 6 months, the boss give up and told me how people don't appreciate his food, no business and had to close.

Anyway... Just my observation about business for the past 2-3 months.

I am sure you hear similar... Do share so we can all learn this simple business 101.