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Thread: New Intel chipset in the horizon?

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    Default Re: New Intel chipset in the horizon?

    Quote Originally Posted by jopel View Post
    I just set up 1 set this morning at SLS. You mean it is already obsolete. What should I do then?
    Give it to poor man like me?

    Quote Originally Posted by victorlee10 View Post
    Well I think we can still do some planning. eg. if you know iphone 4 is coming out next month would you still go out and buy a 3gs?

    If I know sandybridge is coming out 1 quarter from now then I will wait for 1 quarter more unless really no choice then will buy now.
    It boils down to "value for money" or "i want to be in the techno front" choices. But computer system got parts that can easily be obsolete as fast as CPU socket, so extra choice like ability to pay off the whole system in a chunk might come into play.

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    Default Re: New Intel chipset in the horizon?

    Thanks guys for confirming the news ... guess I'll park my $$ aside for now and wait for Q1 2011 ...

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