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    Since Helen is with us in this thread, I would like to OT a bit in asking how Adorama handles the shipment of Li-on batteries that comes with the camera?

    As I understand, the Li-on batteries are not allow to be packed inside an air/courier package (correct me if I am wrong) as recently there was a surface package with 4 Li-on batteries sent to Hong Kong from Canada that caught fire in HK post office and create a big scare (bomb) in Hong Kong.

    We have news directly from UPS, current as of Friday November12th; as of right now there are NO US Government regulations on shipping Lithium ion batteries, BUT we understand they are right around the corner. We will have to be compliant once we find out what the Government policy will be. However, it sounds it is going to be on bulk and not just a battery in a camera.

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    Helen, thanks for the follow-up. That is good to hear otherwise it will be a hassle to get cameras online if the Li-ion battery cannot be ship by air.
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    To confirm about the shipping of li-ion batteries, I've bought 2 camera batteries and a lens together from adorama, shipped via borderlinx (using DHL) 2 months ago. No problems.

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