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Thread: where now?

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    Exclamation where now?

    this is the <snake/peasant> opening of reversi...(for the un-initiated, black always moves first in reversi )

    now u r the white player, which move is "the best move" next?

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    ahahaha! Cheat!!!

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    the black player might be browsing ClubSnap too..

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    mmm to clarify a bit more:

    the blue dot indicates the position where black just moved. and the 4 red crosses indicate all the legal moves available to white.

    [ some reversi strategy/detail: when black just moved at c5, this kind of move is called "checker-boarding". ie , black has just "checkerboarded" white. the idea is that black has just "split-up" white's seeds "all over the place" . which is not good for white. so, in return, white has to regain control of the board. the correct/recommended move for white will be to play accordign to "flatness". and according to the <theory of flatness>, when "flatness" is achieved no matter what positioning of the seeds on the board, there is a distinct partition of the black n white seeds into distinct "localised groups". and when flatness exists anywhere on the board, that part is tricky to play..coz "flatness" is a double-edged sword... ]

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    wah chim

    all i know is cannot put at e2 or g2. i think i'll put at c6

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    heh heh heh...looks like the correct answer is a bit the elusive ah.. .....

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    Wow very chim leh.
    Every move seem to be a dangerous spot.
    One wrong move and the black player can check mate you all the way oready.
    Sorry, no comment on this.

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    "Know yourself, know your enemy, your victory will be total"

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    Wah, white is in such a sorry state.

    Given any moves you make white will still get wiped out in no time in my opinion.

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    the correct answer is :


    after g6, black will carry on with h4, in a bid to maintain "flatness"

    the reason why white moves to g6 is because it wants to create a white seed at f4, which then can be used to move at d6. and why want to move to d6? coz its the only way left for white to let its seeds "stay in the centre"

    actually this opening is considered a difficult opening for white to handle. from here till to midgame and till to endgame, its not easy for white to counter against the designs of black...coz in this particular opening, the advantage of "flatness" is more biased towards black.


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