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Thread: ONE Photography Convention 2010

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    Default ONE Photography Convention 2010

    Visited the convention after hearing some oohs and waaahs. Go visit the Gallery at Orchard ION and
    support the 20+ budding photographers. Who knows, you may also draw some abstract inspiration for yourself and your next shoot.





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    i was there the other day
    the top 3 entries really are deserving i feel

    i am by no means in any position to criticize their work as i am a beginner
    but personally i felt that a few photos looked somewhat fake and overly processed. maybe it was intended though, i don't really know
    the first photo at the entrance "the portrait of a tree" is nice though
    the picture somehow looks 3D to me, perhaps this is the power of a Large format camera

    on the right side of picture #4, is a picture of a dog who survived cancer. one of his limbs was amputated
    that picture was taken in bishan park if i am not wrong

    btw the gallery is on level 4
    admission is free
    so go have a look guys
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    Default Re: ONE Photography Convention 2010

    Hello again... the gallery is on for another week. Do visit before it's too late.


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