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    I can't believe this was not announced here. Don't miss this!

    I saw the announcement in today's newspaper and cycled down to two of the exhibitions:

    "Pop Culture", held at the Arts House at Old Parliament, is definitely worth a look. A series of photographs by a few French photographers speak volumes about popular culture.

    There's one photo which shows a pair of female legs in a black leather miniskirt, and the legs are covered in many small pieces of ham. It speaks to me about how women (and their legs) have been reduced to pieces of meat, sexual objects.

    There's another one with an old lady who is seated in a chair, handing money from a wad of notes in her hand to a handsome young man lying on the bed in a small bedroom. Can be interpreted two ways - role reversal in the oldest profession in the world, or a useless young man still dependent on his mother for money.

    There's also a series of pictures obviously taken from a great height, of the heads of people on the ground, alone or interacting with each other. The compositions are striking.

    I also popped into the substation to look at "Pop Shots", which is more of a local effort.

    Let's be honest. I'm a supporter of local talent, but all I saw were pictures of various toys, with lengthy "cheem" explanations of what the toys meant to the artist. The pictures themselves lacked any punch.

    The difference was stark. The first exhibition had a short intro to each photographer artist, and one or two lines to explain their work. You were then left to interpret the pictures for yourself. And each picture was striking, with lots of stuff to think about. In other words, the pictures spoke for themselves.

    I suppose there's something to learn from this.

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    Did you see the ones at :

    SG Private Banking Gallery,
    Alliance Francaise de Singapour
    1 Sarkies Road
    11 am - 7 pm,
    Closed on Sundays and public holidays
    Tel: 6737 8422

    There are photos there that i really liked...

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    SS, where is the venue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by behyx
    SS, where is the venue?
    Substation, near the old National Library..

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    Go to the link in the first post. The better one was at Arts House at Old Parliament (near Victoria Concert Hall).

    Visited the Alliance Francaise today. Not bad. Will write my impressions later.

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    As promised.

    The Alliance Francaise one had the better local photographers exhibited.

    Tan Ngiap Heng's cartoonish "Everyday Anime" was pretty interesting. He took pictures of cosplay characters and superimposed them onto phantasmagorical backgrounds. Worked quite well.

    Tay Kay Chin's "Any Given Sunday" documented Sunday tea dances attended by maids in Singapore. Would have liked to see more pictures from the series.

    Thanks to Tin Tin for reminding me about the last venue.

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    Hi SS,


    My personal fav from MOP was the red cosplay guitar rocker jumping into the shenton way skyline. Terrence's work was ok... I had to ask him a few questions before I could understand his pictures better.

    Kay Chin's "Any Given Sunday" was very interesting coz I never knew the existance of all these tea dances untill I saw his photos and he captured the maids in a different light...


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