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    Anyone can recommend a tripod which is some what in between a manfrotto 190b and a slik sprint pro gm which is compact like a slik sprint pro gm and more stable like manfrotto 190prob. hehe now budget no carbon fibre gitzo for me

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    dunno abt manfrotto but the slik sprint pro's lightweight (890gms) and thin bottom-most legs may not be stable enough for heavier cameras. can consider the slik pro dx series. 330 DX at 1.5kg shld fit yr need if your camera is not too heavy. but i think still cant beat the manfrottos which of course the price is also different. i have a 400DX at 2.5kg with the added incentive of a removable centre column for low-down macro shots. go Cathay Photo (the small tripod section opp the main store) and ask friendly Chris for his recommendations.


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