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Thread: Is An Unborned Fetus A Life????

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    Originally posted by punscum
    mm...wellllll....muz also look at another pt of view wad...

    what if the baby has multiple disorders that would have made its life short and painful?

    actually the ability to grasp, i think, is an auto response from the baby. i could be wrong. always thought it was natures way to make sure the baby grabs onto it's mother or whoever is carrying it so that it won't fall, much like the way baby monkeys cling to their mothers.
    I assume u r talking abt abortion and not the 'forbidden pictue'.

    If abortion is due to these reasons:

    1) medical (foetus deformed, mom got extreme high blood pressure).

    2) criminal (rape, incest)

    3) legal (birth control laws)

    4) economical (poverty)

    Then ppl got no choice but to choose abortion lor.....cos if not some other ppl are sure gonna suffer or get hurt, not fair for them.

    But then, like cases of unwedded parents, then it's very irresponsible lor....cos the baby is the result of their own actions...liddat no diff from murder leh.

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    yup. couldnt agree more.

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    Default Hmm...

    Answering your question:

    IMHO, unborn fetus can be considered as lifeform... Although it does not have it's own responses or own thinking or whatsoever, it has taken form into a human...

    These so-called fetus have the potential to grow into a full-fledged human.....

    You can't possibly say that a person (maybe in a coma, unconscious) is not a lifeform right?

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    a person in a a vegetative state is ALIVE. yes his heart is still beating. he can still respond to touch. but he is not "Living".

    i dunno.

    am juz thinkin

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