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Thread: Any software to filter photos ?

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    Default Any software to filter photos ?

    Maybe I am asking too much.

    Here is what I want a software to do.

    I have 20000 photos taken over last few years. All these photos are in hard disk. I want a software to scan through every photo and list potentially out of focus, underexposed photos.

    Is there any software that can do it ? Then I can go through the list of problem photos only and decide to delete / keep it .

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    Default Re: Any software to filter photos ?

    Out of focus and underexposed? That'll be tough. After all, what if the blur is deliberate? What if teh underexposure is deliberate, as a low-key shot? Or if it's a nighttime/evening shot with many dark areas? Or an indoor shot?

    Software that can detect what is underexposed accidentally would need quite a good AI algorithm. You could make good money if you can code like that.

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    Default Re: Any software to filter photos ?

    Be more critical when you download from your cam. Remove things that don't impress you any longer. Keep only really good images.

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    Default Re: Any software to filter photos ?

    I doubt there will be such software, usually such photos will be delete right away, won't even able to make it to the computer.

    I recommend you to use a image viewing software able to flag or label the keeper images, after transfer them to a safe place, just delete the rest of the photos. in this way will be much easier, faster and you don't need to waste any more effort on the bad images.
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