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Thread: Transfer file between MP3s without PC???

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    Default Transfer file between MP3s without PC???

    Anybody interested to know a new mp3 player?
    The first in the world patented technology by transfering data(songs/file) between 2 mp3 players without a PC.

    This mp3 player will launch in Funan Mega sales soon... think next sunday.

    Below is how they transfering file:

    Think this mp3 quite shiok, coz it CASE CHANGEABLE just like our hand phone. Is a super 10 in 1 MP3 player:
    MP3 WMA ADPCM player Digital recording Built in FM tuner A-B section repeat for language learning Portable storage Direct content exchange Changeable color case Multiple languages display

    Sound quality very good as it running 24bits DSP.
    Save power, playback 18hrs with a single 1150mAh AAA battery.
    Solid feeling with a metalic casing.
    Light as weight 30 grams without battery.
    Support over 40 languages.

    More pics below:

    Try to take a look.

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    And the most important of all.....HOW MUCH?

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    ermm passed.. Already got my mp3 player last month..
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    not too much demand for such application leh?

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    Think it cost only SGD259 in the MEGA SALE for 256MB and got free gift some more.

    The pair pair thing I think couple will like it. Coz nowadays hardly find couple MP3 mar :P just my 2 cents of word :P

    Think is quite nice as can change case and the sound quality is good and the MP3 is solid. Once you touch and feel, you will like it.


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