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Thread: Re-rating of ISO 160 film

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    Default Re-rating of ISO 160 film


    Have a question here.

    If I am using say NPS 160 film for outdoor portraits, which is the preferred ISO to rate it? at 160 or slightly lower?

    Have read that NPH 400 is usually rated at ISO 320 and fuji Press 800 at ISO 640.
    Wondering if I should re-rate the ISO 160 films also.

    THanks in advance for any advice.

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    the re-ratign of NPH and Press800 thingy is only a few people on earth like this kind of flavour one...more than often if u put NPH @ 400 and press@ 800 both wil lstill work ok one ;-) so for the 160 film..can try either 100 or 200 or 160 and see what kind of output among the 3 u like best lor...maybe they differ by a bit here n there but the differences wont be too death-defying one


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