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Thread: your first choice of lenses?

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    Originally posted by megaweb

    if I m not wrong ,

    Sigma 20mm f1.8 (82mm filter thread) is abt $660
    Canon 20mm f2.8 USM (72mm filter thread) is abt $700++
    Issit ?

    Doc did ask CP abt the price lor.... but maybe I got it wrong lor....
    Maybe it the 24mm...

    Hmm.... RTY using a Canon one rite? Maybe can ask him...

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    Originally posted by Bluestrike

    Hmm.... RTY using a Canon one rite? Maybe can ask him...
    ya ... he told me he got it for $700++....

    To stephan ,
    Sigma 15-30 is abt $900++
    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Yup, call me a Canon freak or whatever. I only go for original Canon lenses. I started with a Canon consumer lens. When I have the $$$, I go for fixed f/2.8. Also from Canon. The idea of getting a Sigma f/2.8 or other third parties just doesn't appeal to me. Given a choice, I'd still start with a Canon original consumer lens, save up, and get higher end Canon lenses in future if there's a need. Still have my Canon consumer lens. Much better than getting a Sigma f/2.8 in that it's cheaper, lighter, smaller and reasonably sharp. Good on days when I want to travel real light. You can say after a while, it's an image thing. I just don't feel proud or in control (eg when doing weddings) when I have a Canon body but with a 3rd party name as a lens.

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    Originally posted by megaweb

    ya ... he told me he got it for $700++....

    ok ok thanks for the clear up.....
    The Sigma 20-40/2.8 is oso ard the price of 900++

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    Originally posted by stephan

    hi, bluestrike.

    paiseh, was really tied up with new job.

    less time for *snap snap* : (

    i was thinking of getting the canon 28-105mm II usm, i got a offer of $310. but afraid the 28mm in d30 is not good enough for close distant *snap*

    any advice?

    btw, heard you got d60 on hand.

    then get the 24-85mm (67mm filter thread)

    24*1.6= 38.4
    85*1.6= 136
    that's quite a good range for a first consumer lens for the D30

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    really appreciated for the response,.....

    i know that i am going to spend a lots of $$$, since the day i bought the d30,.....

    most the lenses sound so good,......

    except that my wallet not very good,......

    i think probably i will settle for 28-105mm,.....

    cant afford anything more than $400 and above

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