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Thread: Newbie's Dilemma - Canon or Nikon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shanshine View Post
    First, I want to thank all for the constructive replies, and with some honesty, feel quite dampened by some too. I apologise for asking those 'age-old, ask until going to grow mould' questions, but I feel these are part of a learning curve for me.

    Why Canon or Nikon? Cos those whom I know are using these two. Call it terrific marketing if you must, but having friends who are using from these two camps kind of reassures me that should I need help, it's just a phone call away.

    I will most likely be aiming for a 550D with the 18-135mm lens. Cos it's likely that I will just stick to one or two lens first, and sharing might not work out.

    While I still do not know everything, and am taking this big plunge soon into the whole DSLR, please be gentle with me for I'm still feeling my way through.

    Thank you.
    Hi there,

    actually i know how you feel - i'm in a position now in which i want to start doing some photography and get myself a dslr, but with the buffet of choices and vast array of viewpoints it's sometimes hard even to narrow down the options that one might want to consider.

    Eventually I narrowed down the choices to the two most common brands, namely nikon and canon, partially also because they are common, and problems that may occur to me would likely have occured to someone else, and there is great support. But i cannot say that marketing hasn't pushed me a little towards the two.

    Like you, i too have sort of decided that i want a 550D kit II, (the other option is the N D90) but i haven't actually gone ahead to buy it, mainly because i haven't felt it in my hands - i have heard that the bodies are much smaller and lighter than one would imagine.

    And then to add to the confusion, some say that the 550D is an entry level and one might as well spend a little more to go one notch higher and use that for the long term..

    The paradox of choice, eh?

    hope you're keeping well.

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    Default Re: Newbie's Dilemma - Canon or Nikon?

    which of the brand your friend use more...... easy sharing in future with them.

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