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Thread: The bridge to...somewhere

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    Default The bridge to...somewhere

    A beginner attempts to try his hand out at night photography with varying results, and this is the best pic he can come up with for now:

    In what area is critique to be sought?

    Technique. This will include basic 'must-knows' like exposure and framing, and whether any proficiency of such techniques show in the photo posted.

    What I want to convey with the shot:

    I always felt that bridges, when shot and cut off at a certain vantage point or POV, has the ability to invoke a certain 'road to nowhere' feeling which I hope was being conveyed in this particular image.

    Under what circumstances was the photo taken:

    Night time at the Marina Bay Sands, shot with my NX10 set to very slow shutter speeds (ISO100) on a tripod while feeling lost about future career prospects.

    What do I think of the image:

    Quirky white balance kind of spoilt the overall image. Thought that exposure was decent enough, but that's probably the only thing which worked out for the image (i think?).

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    Default Re: The bridge to...somewhere

    Composition wise, i think the railings in the foreground could be removed from the frame. The building on the left edge of the frame too, could either be removed or pan left a bit to include more the it. Like you mentioned, the WB is off, could have been improved.
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    Default Re: The bridge to...somewhere

    I see u using F3.5.

    Y not use smaller bigger F, like F8, F11 or more

    It will be sharper & lights can have starry effect =)

    Just my 2cents

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    Default Re: The bridge to...somewhere

    exposure looks fine to me.

    what about you, what do you think of the composition of the photograph, as well as the treatment?


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