I personally have encountered technicians who don't even know the purpose of their visit except for me to sign that piece of paper.

You got a scoldng from the Snr Tech? How can? What happened to the mantra that the customer is always right?

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some of these technicians sent by them are hopeless... just waste of time.. eventually they say they will send THEIR own engineer (I scold them alot for this, imagine they just send some outsourced engineer despite my line having some many problems), so i thought to give it one last try, but before i got home , this snr technician came in , did a test, call me to say everything is fine, i even got a scolding from him!

but after a few days, a major problem arise, and i call them immediately. There is one guy who did a line test and found something unusual, he asked me to switch off the modem and he did a test again, and confirmed that the line is giving problem. so he said he will solved it, and he promised that this guy won't come to my house and do those speed meter test (u go to singtel website and do some speed test , u will see the speed meter and know what i mean).

so i thought finally it is going to be over, and i will renew the contract after 8 months.. that linesman came, took out laptop, go to singtel site and do another speed test! wtf! then i discovered that he got no idea about the line failure, there is no communication between them at all!

hopeless !