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Thread: Nikon D7000 hands on review from Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair

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    Default Nikon D7000 hands on review from Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair

    According to the Nikon official people there, mid-Nov the kit lens will be available in Malaysia.

    (those Nikon D7000 dreamer, prepare your cash!!)

    Back to the camera.

    The specs I guess you guys can simply Google it and check it via

    Just want to share some hands-on review.

    I tried the camera with the kit lens (18-105mm f3.5-5.6) & the new lens, 28-300mm f3.5-5.6.

    Talk about the kit lens first. The camera produces a very sharp pic with this kit lens.

    Contrast, color, sharpness, and image quality are so good.

    Those who are still considering whether to take the kit lens set or not, if you really have no intention to use other lens, JUST TAKE IT!!

    A very versatile lens, very good & robust build quality. Nice walk-around lens!

    Now, the 28-300mm NEW LENS! (RRP: MYR 2800++)

    This is a FX-lens same as the DX-lens 18-200mm equivalent.

    I found out the zoom ring is too stiff for a wide-angle to telephoto lens. A little bit of shake when you try hard to turn your zoom ring will ruin your picture quality.

    Anyhow, I think this is the solution for the lens creep which happens on its predecessor, the 18-200mm.

    Trying the lens there, and find no lens creep issue yet.

    The quality of image, color, IMHO, is not as good as the kit lens!!

    Anyhow, I think this is the compromise for the further 95mm range.

    If the image quality is not a very important consideration for you, and you need to the wide angle to long telephoto range, WITHOUT the problem of changing lens in the bad environment condition,

    I think this is the suitable lens for you!! (for Full frame body)

    But, I guess there will be much more improvement on this lens if it is mounted on a FX body!!

    About the camera, Nikon D7000!

    *the main attractive at the whole booth of Nikon*

    A very buildup, robust body.

    With the magnesium-alloy structure, found that it is very steady in hand. Just very comfortable in a medium hand-size like mine.

    A pretty simple description about the physical of the camera, as others you can find it online.

    Nothing special to say it here without you yourself holding & trying it!!


    Very very nice option for those video-lovers whom donít want to jump-ship to Canon.

    1080p 24fps, HD video.

    Clear, nice, sharp.

    Try it and youíll like it!


    I indeed read a lot of the pixel problems online and decided to try it out there.

    Found out really there exist the hot pixels issue when u shoot your pic in an EXTREME DARK condition.

    Anyhow, I need to view it in 100% magnification and only found out a 1 red & 1 blue hot pixel.

    NOT AN ISSUE for me, as how often will you shoot in an EXTREME DARK condition, just like youíre shooting with the lens cap ON!!!


    Nikon D7000 will be available in Malaysia in mid-Nov.

    The approx. price: MYR 3500-4000 (for body only); MYR 4500-5000 (with kit lens 18-105mm)

    A very good mid-pro camera just below D300s.

    Again the old advice for those serious about photography: if you are on budget, go for the D90, if not, go for the NEW D7000!!

    Video lover: its worth you try it first before you jump ship or buying a solely functioned camcorder.

    Comments please.. thanks for helping me to improve.

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    Default Re: Nikon D7000 hands on review from Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair

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    Default Re: Nikon D7000 hands on review from Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair

    hmm... RM3500 for body is cheap huh?

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    Default Re: Nikon D7000 hands on review from Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair

    Quote Originally Posted by CyberTron88 View Post
    hmm... RM3500 for body is cheap huh?
    if this is true, den its veri veri reasonable.. IMHO


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