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i don't seem to have any problems with the k-r so far...

but i haven't had the chance to spin it during sunset yet..

btw, for both your images posted, both indicate that they are taken with k-x, if you click the image link....

maybe it 's lighting difference?

it seems that the pictures are yours - did you by any chance use flash for the k10d picture, and leave it out for the k-x ?

"thank you shutterscreamer, just shot this morning with a high iso, without flash lights. The fly was still for me to compose and captured many shots even with burst of lights. The air was still and has been a blessing. "
Yes, could not locate another shot from my hard-disk. I remember I shot with 2 cameras, Kx and K10d.

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Not sure if K10D and K100D are similar where colours are concerned. When I switched from K100D to K20D, I also noticed that the K20D had more subdued colours (from unprocessed raw file). But it wasn't a problem pushing the saturation up a bit to get the punchy colours back. In fact, sometimes the K100D colours were just a little bit too saturated I think....

Marcus, the first fly pic looks like it might be +1EV compared to the second one, partly contributing to the washed out colours.
Gengh, yes I did adjust the compensation or other settings, trying to have colors of K10d.
Anyway, does not matter, likely will pick up K5 for the mega pixels, better af speed but I shoot mostly in M Mode

[QUOTE=pscion12;6646733]Looking at the comparisons, it reminded me something that I have been meaning to ask. Does anybody knows how to reduce the vertical banding in high iso for the k10d? or at least post-process it out.

Seldom shoot high iso for my case as it will be grainy. Google dpreview on vertical banding and there will be answer.

Ok, thanks all for your contribution.