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Thread: Yong Nuo 465 Flash or Canon Flash

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    Quote Originally Posted by antotsang View Post
    Third party flash won't damage your camera whatsoever, that's why almost everyone is using 3rd party now a days. I've ever been on an Event shoot where all of them were using 3rd party flashes mostly Nissin. I'd recommend you getting 3rd party first it's cheaper and can and learn how to use flash. As you upgrade camera like say semi-pro camera, you can start getting the Canon flash. Thrust me, there's a lot to learn and best is to get one with ETTL YN475 or Nissin 622.

    I own a YN467, Very uncommon. Worked very well for me, Has a good ETTL & better guide number compared to 460 or 465. The YN468 is just a YN467 with LCD screen if you get what I mean. Basically everything's the same as YN467 (Same capability) but with an LCD screen.
    Hi guys. I think i may side-track abit with my question. Since antotsang mentioned about getting a third party flash first and learn how to use a flash before upgrading, it prompted me that maybe i should get a Nissin Di622 before actually getting a SB700. so may i ask what are the components you look out for when buying a third party flash?

    For example, its variable power? Slave mode? Wireless remote flash?
    I'm using a D90 so how will the trigger flash voltage damage the camera as mentioned by dd123?

    Really my apologies if i hijack the thread. (no prob if moderators shift my qn to a new thread)

    P.S. some links will be useful. Thanks.

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    Nissin Di622 Mark II is out but not Di866

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    - Yongnuo 465 TTL for daily usage.

    - Yongnuo 460 II for Off Camera Flash.

    - Micnova 3 in 1 flash Trigger System
    - Micnova additional receiver

    - 2pcs Lightstand
    - WhaleTail Diffuser

    Why do I recommend the Wireless Flash Trigger ? Cos it's fun and sometimes, results of the pictures are impressive.
    Think fast, aim for the best !

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