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Thread: Help, DK-17M got stuck...

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    I got a DK-17M + DK-19 to change the default eye piece of my D700. Now the DK-17M is stuck. Can't turn left or right. Camera operations are still fine but I wonder how to not make it so tight?

    BTW, D700 + DK17M + DK-19 + MB-D10 looks like a D3.

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    Sorry, D700 + DK17M + DK-19 + MB-D10 + BS-2 looks like a D3.

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    Default Re: Help, DK-17M got stuck...

    D700 has the "door" to close the finder? Close it and turn DK-17.

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    Correct, push the lever to close the viewfinder, after that you should be able to remove it.
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