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Thread: NTUPVS Malacca Photography Trip (All are welcome!)

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    may be i will consider.. when is the last day of registration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincentt_whale
    may be i will consider.. when is the last day of registration?
    I think it should be before the event date..

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    hi, think Pamela's email box is full. will like to reserve 2 places. Do we have a more detailed itinerary available? thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntupvs
    We need your support! Don't let this subsidised trip pass you by!
    If you go to Malacca? You would find this.....

    Or take a ride on this baby...

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    Default More updates?

    Was just wondering if there are more updates on the trip. Seems pretty close to the trip already.

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    Default Hm... ...


    Sorry for a silly question... but am just wondering if anyone who has signed up for this trip heard anything from the organizers yet?


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    Yup. Our in-charge Pamela has been in contact with those interested. Still can sign up!

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    Could you email Pamela directly? Sorry for the inconvenience!
    So far we have about 20 plus interested people who have contact Pamela via email already.

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    Any updates on this trip? Sorry to keep bugging but it's almost 1 month after the supposed date of departure.

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    We are leaving for Malacca on 14th August and returning on the 15th. The trip is confirmed. Please contact Pamela with your enquiries if you are interested in joining us. Thanks!

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