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Thread: Problems with Nissin Di622 M2

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    Default Problems with Nissin Di622 M2

    Hi, just got myself a Nissin Di622 earlier this month and after using it for less than 10 times the flash refuses to charge up! It will start and the red light will be there but there's no 'wheeze' sound and the light doesn't turn green.

    Changing to new batteries doesn't help as well, and had to bring it down to the service centre where i have to wait for 2 weeks(!!!) before they can diagnose what's wrong with the flash. I'm just wondering if any others have the same problems for the Mark1 or Mark2 or if I'm just one of the 'lucky' ones?

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    Default Re: Problems with Nissin Di622 M2

    No problem for my Di622, only when the battery charge is low or faulty then the green light would not light up. Please test all your battery if is faulty.

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    Nope, changed all the batts to new ones, still the same. My only grouse is that its less than a month old and giving this problem and the service centre guys can only deal with it after 2 weeks! Makes me think twice now about buying third party stuff....

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    Nothing wrong with my Di622 also, have use it for around 4 months, no problems at all, only when battery is weak then the cycle time slows down. I think its just your particular copy or just a mark2 problem


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