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Thread: What should i buy?

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    Default What should i buy?

    I been thinking of getting a power rig for gaming. But as age catches up, interest on FPS also slow down. But my passion for photography still there else I wouldnt invest on a FF body.

    So, should I go ahead with my $5k rig (X-fire, i7 1366 etc...) or split into a mid range laptop and a 70-200mm lens? I miss the tele n the best tele now, only a mere 100mm. Another option is to get a A55 combo with a tele lens and the video from A55 can solve the video lack on my A850.

    Really headache now. Unless got $10k, solve every things.
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!

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    Compare how much time you spend on gaming and how much time you spend on photography lor, then decide what to spend on. I suggest putting all the money into one and get the best. Otherwise you'll just end up spending more when you find that your stuff are inadequate

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    Interesting thread... Reminds me of a movie about a beggar who tried so hard to beg for money/food to fill up his stomach.
    On the other end, a rich man is having headache deciding what expensive dishes he should order for dinner in a restaurant.
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    How much time do you spend gaming these days? What computer do you have now for your gaming needs? Do you just need to upgrade the video card?

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    Default Re: What should i buy?

    If you don't even have $10k, why would you spend $5k on a computer. Do you mean you don't plan to spend $10k?


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