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    Default Cambodia - Siem Reap

    Going on a 4-day trip with a group of my school kids. Anything to look out for? Thanks...

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    Well, I liked the "balut" in Cambodia.

    Balut is the ducks egg with the embryo inside. Unlike the Philippines where it is served plain, in Cambodia they serve it with flavoured salt and some herbs - the flavoured salt adds more taste to the "egg."

    Meanwhile, when I was there a couple of years ago, the entrance fee to the Angkor Wat Temple complex is:

    USD20 per head for a one day pass - no photo required.
    USD40 per head for a three day pass - this one requires a photo to be attached to the pass.

    In case you have not been informed, the Angkor Wat Complex has many temples. I spent two days there and saw only a fraction of the temples.


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