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Thread: "Happy Cities" Photo Competition

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    Default "Happy Cities" Photo Competition

    Don't think this has been posted here before -

    Would also be good to visit the gallery and help to vote for the good ones, as it might just become a "who has the most facebook friends" contest because it says that:
    "The top 10 most liked photos will be selected for the final judging by the ArchiFest committee."

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    Seeing that only a few images are highly voted, I begin to agree with this article

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    The results are out -

    The Top 10 most voted entries were supposed to be shortlisted for judging, but I can see that only the 1st "Best photos" is a heavily voted image. The 2nd and 3rd "Best photos" barely gotten a few votes. And, we don't even know exactly what the prize/prizes were and who they were given out to...

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    I do agree with miketanct...

    Im a newbie on the world of photography, just started 4 months ago. i joined this competition for experience and curiousity on how a photography competition runs to; luckily, i have a lot of friends on fb that supported me thus my photo got the most number of "like" - 250. I should be the top 1 most popular then! lol!..

    But the way the result has come up is not convincing because the 2nd placer has no vote at all; base on the organizer they will judge the winner on the top 10 most voted photo... 2nd placer must not be included.

    Im not saying that my photo is the best (as a matter of fact its a newbie shot only, and need a lot to be improve) but the organizer should follow what the criteria or rules should be.

    Its a lesson learned for me...

    btw, this is the proof of 250 "like"... my photo entry:

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    I can only deduce for this case that the organiser was trying to take the middle ground by selecting only one from the top ten voted entries (so that they have done what they said vaguely in the rules), but then continue to select other winners from outside the top 10 voted entries because they couldn't find any other deserving winners there. End up it seems like a confusing process and probably a lot more dissatisfaction for all who didn't get chosen.

    Which is why I hope more organisers of photo contests in future don't adopt such a method of determining winners, because it becomes a dodgy issue whether it is contest about photographic skills or a contest about popularity with friends, and even worse since it is quite easy to create fake votes, become a contest in the skill of creating votes. So I totally agree with this article I mentioned earlier, and urge all organisers to heed its advise -

    Certainly no system is perfectly fair, but doesn't mean can't work towards it. For example, can encourage genuine voting by giving an attractive lucky draw prize if vote spots the winning entry, thereby necessitating the capture of NRIC and thus only 1-man-1-vote. In addition, splitting the score weightage between a panel of judges and the votes collected will get the contest closer to picking a more deserving winning entry.
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