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Thread: Pls recommend tripod for table-top macro

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    Default Pls recommend tripod for table-top macro

    Pls recommend a tripod for table-top macros; those very flat ones like photos of a coin, a medicine tablet. I'm using a Canon G2. Weight n stability is not a concern as I'll be using it indoors only n not bringing it around. Do I need to get a ball head too? Budget is as cheap as possible . I was searching the forum n found many people mentioning Cathay Photo for tripods. May I know where is it located?

    I'll also like to buy a tripod for a Canon A75 for normal use like family outings, group shots etc. TIA.

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    Cathay photo is located at penisula plaza and another one at marina square..You can try to get an e-quote from their website 1st..will be slightly cheaper than walk-in...hopes this helps..


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