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    Can any of your good guys please enlighten me, is there an adaptor available in the market that can be installed on the Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 thus enabling it to be installed on the Canon 5D Mk II?? Came across it somewhere regarding this issue but not too certain about it. Thank very much in advance.

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    I dun think it exist, and even if it does, the lens will not work well.

    1) EF-S lenses cannot cover the larger sensor of a FF camera, meaning u can get vignetting at certain if not all aspects of focal lengths covered by the zoom lens

    2) APS-C mirrors are smaller , and while having same sensor to focal plane distance, EF-S designers make some of their EF-S lenses with a more recessed rear element that can otherwise hit the larger FF mirrors. ( having said that there are some folks online who hacked and mounted selected EF-S lenses with no problems. )

    3) An adapter will certainly increase the distance of the focal plane distance to sensor, and the lens cannot focus to infinity as it should ..

    * you can try search online on how people mod their EF-S lenses, but i probably will not go there.

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