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Thread: Studio model shoot for free!

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    Default Shoot babe and mum

    Yeah, I don't mind shooting babe and mum, provided the babe is real cute and the mum still very young, pretty and got professionally make-up done! and I am going there to shoot for fun, test my new lenses to see the sharpness, resolution, contrast, colour, CA and other aberration and so forth in a studio environment. Just kidding.

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    so err..any latest update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    so err..any latest update?
    Hi there,
    can those who are using film camera join in

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    Hi all,

    Just an update. The photo shoot is over and a few of the photographers from CS were there. Thanks.

    As the magazine do not want too many photographers as well, thus some of you are not being contacted. Sorry about it.

    As for the views here, I can fully understand and feels that its ok to have 2 schools of thought here.

    For me, my purpose of posting this thread is very simple;

    1) Helping a fren and a new magazine to start up

    2) Providing a venue for new aspiring photographers to try their hands on commercial jobs and get credited.

    3) Help those who are paying for models to shoot to save some money.

    That's all. Actually this thread is meant for those new photographers who are not into commercial job. Standard wise, the magazine is not really demanding since it's free. The looking through the past works is because the response is overwhelming and the magazine wants to see who are more suitable. And when I said I got paid for writing for magazines, its for another publishing house so cannot be compared. I do not get anything from this magazine or for helping my friend.

    And as some of you had mentioned, some are fine with the idea and others are not. So, from the responses I gathered, it seems like there are quite a number in CS who are fine with this idea.

    Of course I also hope that next time when the magazine is doing well, they will be able to pay the photographers some fees as well. Then most likely they will go to those who had helped them for free before.
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