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Thread: Hi, i'm new here

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    Hi, welcome to CS.
    If you have been following the recent thread on camera buying problem at Bally Photo, you would probably get an idea on the pitfalls of camera buying.
    My 2 cents advice:
    1. After you have done your homework and finally decided on the camera and lens type and price range, bring one or two friends along who are knowlegeable on cameras to help keep your feet on the ground so that the salesperson will not make you levitate and cause you to blindly sign on the dotted line.
    2. Bring a piece of white paper with a pen and write whatever the salesperson tells you what he is offering - both the items and price you have to pay and the freebies. And remember - nothing is free in this world - whatever they offer "free" is already worked into the final price.
    3. When you and your friends have scrutinised through the final list and have agreed, then effect the transaction. A salesman can verbally promise you something while he has not lassoed you and may back out after you agree to buy (as in the Bally Photo case).
    4. Better still, make a check list before you go and go through the checklist to ensure that what you want is what the seller agrees. Remember, in your eagerness to grab the camera of your heart, you may miss out important items such as original battery, local/international warranty, etc... This may seem old fashion but remember the saying; "A fool will soon part with his money" and it is your hard earned money.
    5. Be wary of salespeople. A friend told me once and I quote: "A good saleman is one who can sell his mother."


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    Quote Originally Posted by StrikeZero View Post
    Hi, i'm a beginner and i'm interested in buying a nikpn d90. Can anyone tell me the price range for d90 kit ??
    Good choice to start from...

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    What is your budget?

    My advise is to look at all brands with the budget you have and consider which camera can give you the best value for money.

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    thx for the welcome and advice, my budget is around 1k - 1.5k

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    Welcome to CS. ^^

    You are encourage to read more online, and join some newbie outings under the Outings subforum.
    Nikkon D90 | AF-S NIKKOR 18-105mm 1:35-5.6G | DI866 External Flashlight | AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrikeZero View Post
    thx for the welcome and advice, my budget is around 1k - 1.5k
    The new Pentax Kr is a viable choice at this price range.
    Price from SLR Revolution in Funan.
    Pentax kr 18-55 kit (Black, White and Pink only) = $921
    Pentax kr 18-55, 50-200 Dual kit (Black only) = $1070

    The camera brings with it features like :
    1. On camera shake reduction (SR)
    2. High ISO capability up to 12800
    3. Choice between LiOn and conventional AA batteries
    4. Auto aligned HDR capture
    5. Custom noise reduction for all ISO levels
    6. Fine auto-focus adjustment for auto focus lenses.

    Many of these features are found only on much higher end and more expensive cameras, so this is a very value for money camera.

    Here is a recent review done by a fellow CSer.

    More info on specs and features here :

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