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    12_Oct PM @my office saw the post @ Clubsnap , then SMS seller to confim the deal that day night. lazy to go home bring my own Camera. cos i trust the seller (Famous Photographer).

    During the transaction, i saw the the UXxxxx code 35L very new outside condition, and seller offer me his Camera to test the 35L initiatively. I was very glad of that ,so i made the payment Easily. I told the seller , cos I trust canon's L lens, i'm only care about the lens code , dont care the lens out look, working condition & UX code is OK for me. i'm not so fussy with the outside condition.

    12_Oct night when I home, even havnt test the lens , cos No UV on it. I'm very care with such new lens.
    13_Oct after my office , I go buy Vitacon Pro UV, when reach home, put on the lens , test. OMG , when shoot something backlight, there is a reflection (Ghost img). but once i took off the UV , then everyting fine. So i was thinking , maybe the UV problem.

    14_Oct when I was home , tried another UV. also got reflection. I was confused, then look into the lens , there was a Bubble (sesame szie). the i text the seller immediately. No response. I try call , also No response.
    15_16_17_Oct tried call seller 3days , all off.
    18_Oct morning , try my lucky as previous 3days, the phone ring , but no body answer. then text the seller , want to finish this 35L things civilized. But I was surprised with seller's reply. he told me i complained 6days after transaction, too late. he turn-off the phone 4days, now he told me this?

    of course , without UV the lens working fine, but the seller should tell me first, the 35L is allergy to UV. its not like scratch or dent which can be manmade , its fiscal exist inside lens.

    18_Oct PM , I send the lens to Canon harbourfront for Identification. I'll post here once I got the report.

    this is the previous Version of my story which not include seller's personal info. if the seller havnt negotiate with me by 1st_Nov, I'll post the full version of my story @

    the seller is not Singaporean, 32years old. Join CS July2005 . i have visited his website , quite nice picture. Famous Photographer, cos a lot of fans there. I respect him , I believe its just a small mistake for the professional.
    He also Participate in Clubsnap activity before, as shown in his post same moderators maybe met him before. that why i trust him so much.

    Famous professional Photographer's reputation ; 2nd hand 35L ($1775) which one is valuable?

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    if I post @ wrong section pls let me know

    sorry for inconvenience

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    I may protect my rights by legal action

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    i dont get u ???
    Take both its legs down first, then cuts its tail, next is shoot between its eyes:devil:

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    Please with all due respect to your situation........ do post ALL the information if you want to start a 'buy/sell gone wrong' thread.

    PM me the 'famous' photog's nick ..... I will advise him to respond when you have FULLY laid out your case , up to him and you (if he or you choose to OR if both of you have cleared up this matter)


    Guys put your popcorn away...... case adjourned.

    Thread Closed (and TRUST ME.... closing the thread now is more to protect YOU )
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