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Thread: [ Recommedation ] 'Backup' camera for pop concerts

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    Default [ Recommedation ] 'Backup' camera for pop concerts

    Hi pple,

    I'm currently using a EP1 equipped with a m4/3 Pana 45-200mm lens for pop concerts and I muz say its great however recently I realized the staff manning these events are increasingly harrasing folks like us about our cameras.

    Hence I'm considering getting a smaller handheld to use as a backup in case one day a over-zealous staff might end up confiscating my camera but am quite clueless what's suitable.

    (ya.. I do know the smaller ones are definitely no fight for the DSLR, semi-pros in terms of quality)

    Anyone have any recommendations?
    I'm currently considering the:
    (1) Canon IXUS 1000HS (smallest out of all)
    (2) LUMIX DMC-TZ10 (comes with PSAM function but have no idea how much control i get)
    (3) Pana DMC-FZ40GC or the LUMIX DMC-FZ35 (actually still quite big in size ..)

    as a backup camera as they come with at least a 10x zoom and seem quite decent for casual cameras.

    thank U in advance for advice. =)

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    Default Re: [ Recommedation ] 'Backup' camera for pop concerts

    depends where you are at concert.

    try getting camera with F/2 or faster at a decent telephoto range.
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    Default Re: [ Recommedation ] 'Backup' camera for pop concerts

    Korean Pop Night?


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