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Thread: Number of Wedding Pictures

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    this is a very helpful thread, for aspiring wedding photographers and freelancers like me. thanks for the input and sharing
    It's all about the moments; and the moments in between. 8 Perpetual || Flickr

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    Well, I'm glad to hear that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumiere View Post
    I totally agree with Hart.

    I only promise a min of 30 image for each hour I'm hired. And I do not return more than 350 images for the entire wedding. I have been practicing this during my days as a sub $1800 photographer. It is not important whether u r serving high end or low end clienteles, however it is impt that the u receive due respect even when u are doing freelance or amateur...needless to say a professional.

    Here is something for new players to compare and contrast.

    - promise a 1000 photos. What are your chances of delivering sub standard work and showing more flaws
    - you shall get only 300 photos. What are the chances that these batches are of the highest quality of what you shot in one day.

    One way of explaining why there is only 300. Out of 10 hours u shoot. What's wrong with 30 great photos compared to 90 shots of repeated shots testing various angles. Plan well for your shoot even if it's for wedding day. Here is a rough breakdown.

    Getting Ready (bride, groom & misc details) - 30
    Gate crashing & snatch the bride - 30
    Bridal entourage - 5
    Couple portraits - 5
    Family/relatives Portraits - 15
    Enter / exit car for whole morning - 5
    Tea ceremony - 20
    Expressions portraits - 10
    Ring, Bouquet etc - 5

    Solemnization - 30
    Reception - 20
    Banquet Details - 10
    Table shots - 30
    Group photo requests - 20
    March in, cut cake, toasting - 20
    Couple walkabout - 30
    Thank you, bye-bye - 15

    Totals for 300 quality shot
    Detailed and fantastic breakdown. It's helpful to keeptrack and balance the number of quality photos from each component.

    If theres anything to add, i suggest 10 pictures called your "real original ideas". No harm not reaching 10, but it's good to have something fresh every wedding to add to your arsenal.

    Personally, I promise 400, which is just nice and rather difficult to not achieve in an AD imho.

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    300-350 is a good number for me! Never give all the photo cos remember the more you give, less quality and more work to edit too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2100 View Post
    I presume all here are into the biz (as per forum name suggests :P)

    Be careful with clients who ask for a specific number of shots. If they ask for it, then you better be able to deliver it. Last time while I was at the lower end of the pay scale I did encounter someone who argued that I was not value for money (in the forums) as I could not deliver as many pictures as his friends/sisters weddings. Nowadays its better as I have moved a bit up, they are alright if they ask and you say "it ranges from 450 - 800 depending on the events". Some want a "warranty" (they do not say penalty, but they will pull this out if anything happens). Quality vs Quantity does not work.

    Other similar demands may include :
    - Demand that payment is not on the day itself. I do not enforce this during AD as in reality they do forget or "misplace the angpow/envelope", but I do say during meetup and 95% are ok. Last 5% if they speak nicely, usually no issue if FT a few days after AD or during delivery of DVD (payment cleared esp for chqs before DVD receipt for them). When you cite non-payment of couples due to "incidents" like no $$$ in the acct, divorce etc.....they laugh it off and tell you that does not happen in reality, you are pulling a fast one on them.
    - Demand that they see your very latest galleries and lots of them.
    - To emphasize on the above point regarding latest galleries, are those galleries representative of your work, and also can you give a guarantee that this is what you can do for them as well? (I actually do not show ALL my best works of a whole gallery, just some glimpse of what I can do).
    - Demand that to prove that you are reliable, you need verifiable testimonials from ex-clients.
    - To emphasize on the above point, dictate penalties on what happens if equipment fails hence you miss shots (even though you have 2 or more cams), you are late even for just 10-15 mins, slideshow does not play properly due to incompatible player or missed deadlines for Express Highlights etc. Of course its our fault and I'm not shrinking responsibility in avoiding discounts or anything, but its all blown out of proportion (I had another 2nd PG who is doing the Express Highlights as I did not wanna do it due to copyright issues, end up could not produce for the night, they did not pay him at all AFAIK. This happens with any on-the-day-itself-deliverables). This happens all the time in one way or another due to Murphy's law.
    Any more?

    Probably more applicable for the lower-end market, but I don't know..... And naturally if you are shooting more and don't "select" your clients which I was not doing last time, then the probability is higher.
    I work on a different method of payment, although I my not even be the photographer covering the wedding.

    50% retainer, 50% COD. I find the COD rather than actual day makes the couple feel more secure. Of course, rates are not on the lower end of the scale (eg $300 wedding ).

    If it were a cheap wedding demand full payment (but would you do such a wedding to begin with? It's more pain than gain).

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