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    Hi All

    This has been discuss under (Depth of Field Simulator by SzennyBoy), wonder any one can help.

    correct me if I'm wrong, If DOF means area of in-focus of an object ? so is a slower lens (28-80mm) wide open at f5.6 has the same degree of sharpness (since their DOF is the same) as a 50mm f1.8 stopped down to f5.6 ? a lens wide open normally not as sharp as a stopped down lens, how do we define DOF and sharpness ?? I'm confused, hope you can enlighten me, thanks in advance .

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    DOF and sharpness are two diff things. You may want to search from the net on Depth Of Field, Circle of Confusion or hyperfocal distance. I'm sure it will give u some idea, tht's what I did.


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