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Thread: Shooting Before/ after picts

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    Hi guys,
    I intend to do some before/after shots of some of my clients faces as they come for certain therapy. this is for both documentation and marketing.

    I have an EOS 40d, 50mm prime 1.8, tam 17-50mm and a speedlite (cant remember model).

    My requirements are high resolution shots of skin blemishes. Tone accuracy and consistency.

    So go ahead give me your suggestions (or best shot).

    Is this in the realm of macro shooting? closeups? cos when i went to the macro thread, i only see bugs...

    read their FAQ also. But still uncertain about things.


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    Default Re: Shooting Before/ after picts

    How big an area of skin are you trying to capture in the pic? If it's going to be like the whole nose, or one whole cheek, I think your tamron 17-50 can still handle it. If the surface is not flat, it may be better to shoot from a little further away anyway and crop down later to make sure the the DOF covers what you need.

    For tone accuracy and consistency, my guess is use manual on both camera and speedlite, custom WB, find the right exposure settings that work (at a particular working distance) and stick to it. And you'll want a big enough diffuser in front of the speedlite, can diy that.
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    Like a headshot? The 50mm f1.8 is good for a head shot on a APS-C (to me at least). You need to stand about 1 meter away from the person's head to be able to get a full head and a bit of shoulder view. And to get the sharpest results, stop down to about f4.

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    Default Re: Shooting Before/ after picts

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnsoo View Post
    My requirements are high resolution shots of skin blemishes.
    Sounds like a job for macro lens instead of usual shooting and cropping later ..
    Do you need the level of bug detail for an acne ?


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    Default Re: Shooting Before/ after picts

    if is just a simple headshot, both lenses are fine, unless you are referring close up shots of the blemishes. for that, you need a macro lens.

    to get tonal accuracy and consistency, beside not shooting with auto setting, you also have to be shooting at the same location and same distance.
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