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    Default Chile mine rescue

    Splendidly done.

    The bravest of all are the 6 rescuers who went down 2300 feet to the miners. The 6 rescuers only went up after all the miners were saved. I am sure they were all volunteers. Nobody can command you to do this.

    And humble too.

    So many things can go wrong. And if any did, the miners and rescuers would be technically buried alive.

    What is high skill?
    The American driller who was so good at it that they flew him in from Afghanistan where he was working. High precision drilling. When you are that good, it shows.

    What is high tech?
    The US company that made the equipment to hammer through quartzite and rock.

    NASA that designed the rescue module.

    After this, it puts tremendous pressure on the politicians, PMs and Presidents of other countries that also have mining industry. Like China or Australia for example.
    If they have a mine disaster and they don't try to locate and rescue the miners, their people will compare with what Chile can do.

    People in Mexico are comparing:

    'We are swamped by sadness when we see that nobody here wanted to help us. Neither the firm nor the federal government cared for our miners,' Elizabeth Castillo, widow of one of the Mexican miners, told the daily El Universal.

    'Now we know that something could have been done for them, but nobody wanted to take responsibility.'

    Neither the shareholders of Grupo Mexico, which owned the mine, nor Mexico's then-president Vicente Fox visited the mine to support rescue efforts or offer comfort to miners' families.

    "In Chile, they worked for more than two months to save the miners who were trapped more than 700 metres underground. In Mexico, they cancelled the rescue five days after the explosion in Pasta de Conchos, sacrificing miners who were only 120 metres underground," the trade union said.
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