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Thread: Nikon 18-200mm failed me!

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    Default Nikon 18-200mm failed me!

    Hi guys,

    My lens is unable to focus above 150mm. I can't even use manual focus to focus on my subject. Has someone encountered similar problems?

    Can someone advise where is the best and most affordable place to get it repaired? I'm soon to be a NPS ( member. Besides sending it to Nikon, are there alternatives? And how much does a repair like this would cost?

    Please help!

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    Default Re: Nikon 18-200mm failed me!

    There's a guy on CS called Fatigue. Search for him for advice?
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    Default Re: Nikon 18-200mm failed me!

    if its under warranty, then I suggest you send it to NSC. do you think its a factory defect (which I doubt)? or did you drop it accidentally? got my VRII for more than a year and still absolutely fine.
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    Default Re: Nikon 18-200mm failed me!

    Hey M8,

    Ive honestly never encountered this problem with my 18-200. Personally i would send it back to Nikon. Not that i dont trust 3rd party repairers, its just id rather have someone to hold responsible who cant disappear.


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    Default Re: Nikon 18-200mm failed me!

    To prevent causing further damage, stop using the lens and don't even try to turn the focusing ring manually.
    The movement of the focus mechanism could damage a cable inside

    Thanks JacePhoto
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